Hello, I’m Katharina Valeeva.

I am a professional Russian painter, but have been living in Germany for many years. In my works I combine art from two cultures.
I work in the traditional oil painting technique on medium-sized canvas. In my pictures I mix classic painting with contemporary ideas. I mainly use subjects from nature and my environment. My subjects are primarily realistic, sometimes also symbolistic and figurative.
I like to divide my painting into series. This is how, for example, the miniature series “Monday Cakes” came about, in which I painted a cake or a pie every Monday.
Further examples of my series are “Nature Goddesses”, “City Life” and “Seascapes”. I also paint landscapes as plein air and accept portrait orders.



group exhibition in art salon, Stawropol/Russia


exhibition in private gallery, Dresden, Germany

2006 – 2009

personal exhibition in atelier „Artnika“,
Grünwettersbach, Karlsruhe, Germany


double exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany


exhibition in Kreativhaus Karlsruhe, Germany


exhibition in „Galerie Heilig“, Ettlingen, Germany

2018 – 2019

in „Altstadt Atelier“, Neustadt an der Weinstraße,


group exhibition „Realismus am Oberrhein“ at
Werner Brand Kunststiftung, Germany

exhibition REGIO ART, Gerolsheim, Germany


different exibitions on online platforms